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Positive Results

Criminal Law

Bruce is very detailed and efficient. He was easy to work with and I had positive results

Good Advice

Criminal Law

Got the charges significantly reduced and gave good advice

Extremely Quick to My Needs

General Practice

Extremely quick to my needs, provided me with all necessary information that I needed to my case. Represented me without needing to be present which was very convenient for me

Class and Professionalism

I've had an honor of being represented by attorney Bruce Carey. Mr. Carey is an excellent attorney. He understood my problem immediately and represented me with a high degree of class and professionalism. I can recommend Mr. Carey with total confidence.

- Ale Sherash

Highly Recommend

General Practice

Not using an Attorney very often, Bruce made the process very informative, and did so with great confidence. I would highly recommend Bruce to anyone.

Awesome Attorney

Criminal Law

He is such an awesome Attorney !!!!!


Criminal Law

He was great; I kept my drivers license.